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Takalane takes Alex FM to new Heights

Takalane TK Nemangowe

Takalane TK Nemangowe, Takie to his friends, is the Station Manager at the very popular Alex FM radio station. He is also a Boston Media House graduate using his skills from BMH to bring AlexFm to new heights!

We asked Takie why he chose a career in radio. “Growing up I have always been interested in the world around me. I am very opinionated, someone who likes expressing himself and equally listening to other people’s views, so radio provided me that platform to engage and raise my views.” Takie completed the Diploma in Media Practices at the Sandton branch of Boston Media House.

What does his job entail? “It’s difficult to narrow this question down to a few words, as running a station is all encompassing, from team leadership, management, meetings, communication, sourcing advertisers, client relations and more! I am responsible for day to day running of the station. I guide, lead and support the staff through their managers on daily issues, if any are associated with human resources, operations, communication, standardising procedures, revenue enhancement and systems applications”.

What keeps Takie motivated to get to work every day? “I enjoy interacting with people, getting to hear their views and I also like the exposure that this job comes with. I get to meet prominent people.” This helps him overcome the less enjoyable aspect of his job, which the administration!

Most days you will find Takie seeing to his responsibilities. “Monitoring, going through departmental reports, meeting stakeholders and clients and most importantly going out there to sell the station to make revenue so we can keep this station running successfully”.

Careers in media are seen as glamourous and exciting, what type of personality should you have to consider this for your future? “Outspoken people hardworking individuals who are always prepared to put in extra effort and also people who work well with teams.” Adding to this, Takie says that the three important personality traits that someone must have t be successful in this type of career are to be resilient, calm under pressure and excellent problem solvers

All careers and workplaces have their own challenges, Takie explains the challenges particular to him that he has had to overcome. “As a young person born and bred in the rural villages of Limpopo Province Ga Maboi, Ga Mojapelo, it was always difficult to access information. One could get to Matric not even knowing the kind of career path they want to take.”
The fourth IR demands traits that include flexibility and creativity, and we see this in Takie when he describes his job as “a leader of community through media.”

To school leavers and students considering a career in the media industry, Takie advises, “Hard work pays. Study hard. Nothing is impossible. You don’t need to be known to make it in the industry.” He also feels that even if you are already working, continuing education is extremely important. “The more you study/learn is the more you realise you know nothing. “

Looking for a career in media? Go straight to the industry leaders, Boston Media House. “I can recommend Boston anytime. My time at Boston was amazing. I enjoyed every moment with Boston. Campus life is a once in a lifetime privilege. The support we received from the school, and continue to receive, is well appreciated”

Visit Boston Media House at, call 011 551 2000.

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