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Boston Media House invests in their students and the media industry

Students have become increasingly worried about the impact of COVID-19, on their finances. The pandemic has had a major impact on students’ finances for several key reasons: an overall reduction in income, increased worries about employability after graduation, and students still paying tuition fees. At Boston Media House, we have witnessed students who despite the odds stacked against them, manage to use their passion for the industry and persevere and graduate. Boston Media House students are a determined bunch! They have the ingredients for success, and we can see this from the feedback of the agencies and media companies that we deal with, where the graduates find internships and work placements.  The passion is there. The will to achieve is there. But for some students there are obstacles—finances—and this may prevent these students from seeing the finish line.

Covid-19 and the related lockdowns  upended many industries, and the media industry’s core disciplines (creative, production, technical, business operations) have not been immune. At Boston Media House, we want to help, in the way we’re best able to – by adding to the pool of skills available to the core disciplines of the media industry.  This means producing more creative, production, technical, and business operations graduates, educated to our high standards.

Boston Media House is committing itself to invest in the future of South Africa by partnering, financially, with prospective and current students. This investment will mean that prospective and current students enrolling in any of our sought-after higher education qualifications taught by lecturers who have many years of experience in their fields on offer at Boston Media House, will get a chance to pursue their dreams and take ownership of their futures. Boston Media House will invest a percentage of the fees for our higher education qualifications – Diploma in Media Practices, Diploma in Radio and Television Production, BA in Broadcast Journalism –  and students will be required to contribute the remaining fees (with flexible payment options). Thus, a subsidy of up to 25% is realised for new and returning students. Please enquire at our Sandton, Arcadia or Durban campuses.

South Africa’s future is too important not to make this investment. The rewards for students and society are incalculable. Overcoming the obstacle that the lack of finances often poses for students pursuing higher education, so the research has shown, makes a significant impact on the psycho-social well-being of students and this has a positive effect on the successful completion of one’s studies. In turn, the impact on the broader society is also noticeable. Graduates who find employment not only contribute to the economy, they become billboards for the transformative power of education.

For students who want to turn their creative, production, technical, or media business operations passion into a career, it means that Boston Media House is investing in them!  And we know that these students will give back to South Africa, by applying their knowledge to the media industry, which is so close to our hearts. At Boston Media House, we believe that our investment in students with an NSC (Higher Certificate or Diploma or Degree endorsement) applying for any of our higher education qualifications– Diploma in Media Practices, Diploma in Radio and Television Production, BA in Broadcast Journalism –   will get students to the starting line where we know they will show their grit and reach their dreams and make an impact on South Africa.

Boston Media House. Investing in South Africa.  Investing in You.

For more information please visit or phone 011 883 0933.