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Netflix to be providing South African Media Educational Institutions with Creative Equity Scholarships

Netflix has launched a financial support programme in South Africa which aims to create more socioeconomic opportunities to students within the media and film sector. The programme caters to those living in communities and regions where access to study and education initiatives are lacking, but both talent and potential is abundant. Netflix’s Black Creatives Empowerment Fund fulfils Netflix’s objective to uplift underprivileged communities in South Africa.

This programme recognises those education organisations that provide formal training to aspiring Black creatives in the TV and film industry. The initiative aims to increase the number of students from underprivileged backgrounds in the film and television industry, by providing funding to allow these students the opportunity to learn the industry, gain experience and ultimately, produce media and film productions in South Africa. This programme seeks to uplift those that have the potential to excel in this field. Investing in local talent is an initiative that could allow for the expansion of resources in this Industry and put South African film makers and actors on a global stage, bringing much needed recognition to the local talent in South Africa.

Netflix will be committing R4 100 000 to a selected number of organisations to support qualifying students by providing a fully-funded scholarship from Netflix to enable them to complete their formal training. One of the 12 organisations, where qualifying students will be able to apply for this scholarship is Boston Media House. Boston Media House is a multi-media focused school, offering a range of courses including Media Operations Management, Media Practices, Radio and Television Production and various short courses in music and radio. Pioneers in media and creativity, Boston Media House offers students an education in media with practical experience. Students make use of high-level technology to study which prepares them with on-the-job experience, while they are still studying.

The scholarship will be able to aid educational organisations for their efforts to provide quality training to applicants that are accepted. Educational institutions, like Boston Media House are dedicated to providing quality education and making their offerings as accessible as possible, sadly colleges and universities cannot provide what is outside of their means- the Netflix scholarships will enable colleges to enhance the accessibility of media and film production courses to underrepresented Black creatives and in turn give South African local talent the opportunity to produce locally and get international recognition.