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Why the stars need to study!

Boston Media House is primarily a technology-based institution, we teach using what we will need to work! We moved into online teaching with users being able to learn their tech at home during Covid19. Fortunately, the current level allows students to safely attend campus for practical purposes, allowing Media House to use mixed mode and blended learning methodologies.

Our vision is to prepare graduates for the future. We prepare for quality and consistency in education through technology-based education, and we continue to liaise with corporate and industry to keep our qualifications in line with the skills demands of the media market place.

The Graduate+ programme is unique to the Media and Higher Education arenas, continuing to do placements even during the peak of COVID! Boston’s Graduate+ Programme aims to further job placement security for graduates. This programme remains the first in tertiary education in South Africa.

It promises various outcomes including: employment; or providing assistance in helping the student to find employment; or will provide complementary further studies to enhance employability; AND, through the graduates support centre will continue to provide cost-free training in job search and CV building.

(These outcomes are subject to specified terms and conditions that must be met during the course of study).

“Boston qualifications aim to produce individuals who are job-ready”, says Carike Verbooy, Head of Academics at Boston Media House. “Graduates are trained, putting them in a position to walk from studies to job. Our focus is on incorporating Work Integrated Learning into all degrees and higher education, enabling our students to develop the necessary skills,” she says, to help students secure employment and achieve financial independence. Boston also offers courses in financial independence to all students at no extra cost.

Boston Media House has so many personal success stories. It is a sought-after school that produces incredibly talented and confident individuals. This is due to the very practical nature of studies, the continual industry liaison by lecturers and recruiters, and educators who continue to work in industry bringing networking opportunities and current skills to the classroom.

Say Carike, “We provide absolutely top academic instruction, accompanied by the opportunity to develop practical skills by exposing students to real workplace environments, enabling students to differentiate themselves in the competitive workplace market. On campus radio studios, a live radio station, and high tech and up to date workplace environments including digital animation and film make students skilled and work-ready”.

BMH is accredited by the CHE (Council on Higher Education). Additionally, because the academic institution’s exacting standards are in line with international educational requirements, Boston is accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC). This provides students with a gateway to studies at international institutions, and work opportunities.

Carike explains why working or planning to work in the media industry needs an accredited qualification. For example, if they are acting on a show, why would she still recommend gaining a qualification?

The value of Higher Ed is that it is accredited, adds value to the company and grows the individual. In a negative economic climate, skilled staff will be first in line to take on new projects and/or move into leadership positions. While you may not need a qualification to act, you do need skills that allow you achieve an understanding of the operations, business, production, your value, and how to negotiate aspects such as salary, benefits and first options for call backs etc. Carike goes on to say that, “in terms of the situation of Covid19, we can see that an alternate career option is important when your own industry becomes dormant for a while. We need to be in a position to create our own new opportunities workwise or accept new challenges– a higher education qualification allows you to do this. The media industry is volatile, we will always need additional skills and knowledge.”

Including your passion in your career makes you more successful. Boston established a partnership with music industry experts Soul Candi. Budding musicians may struggle to create a career in music, look into one of the Boston/ Soul Candi qualifications.

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