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What is Graphic Design?

What is Graphic Design?

Are you the person whose maths book was half-filled with doodles? The one who drew caricatures of your classmates and teachers? The student that could be traced by the drawings on school desks?

If so, you are most probably well suited for Graphic Design.

If you like spending hours creating images on your computer or I-pad, taking endless pictures on your phone, if you are fascinated by cartoons and comics, then you are even better suited for Graphics.

A Graphic Designer is someone who is curious about all things visual, and better still, able to be critical about what they see.

Everything you see has an element of design to it.  Some things are designed to be practical as it might have a specific function like a kettle for instance.   A Graphic designer will deal with the pattern on the side of the kettle, and the colour, the box it fits into, the advertisement of the product, the Website of the brand.

Where do Graphic Designers work?  Advertising agencies, Design agencies, Web companies, magazines or printing companies, and for a lucky few some of the bigger brands have their own in-house agencies – like Coke or Nike.

Cool thing though, most students start their own companies halfway through their studies.  Little self-owned design agencies, doing logos and ads and posters for the hairdresser down the road, or your friends’ mothers’ shop, or an invite to a party or a backdrop for a hall.

What do Graphic Designers do mostly?  If we learned one thing from lockdown then it would be that online is quite effective.  Most companies and agencies and organisations nowadays have a website.  To be able to build a website they would also need a logo and what we call ‘corporate identity” which is simply a rough guide on colours and fonts (letter types) and layouts that companies use to create uniformity between their products and advertising.  As a Graphic designer, all of the above would be your job.   And should they need a poster or a flyer or a package for their product; that too will be your job.  And if they run an in-house magazine or an online presence; that too will be your job.   Should the company require a t-shirt or a branded carry bag; the Graphic designer will be the one doing this.

What will you learn at Boston?  We will teach you how to be aware of the visual, how to look at an image critically, analysing colours and layout and fonts and tone and feeling.  We will teach you to be more creative, to think up wild and wonderful ideas for ads and campaigns.  We will teach you some Adobe programmes, like Illustrator and Photoshop that has become the basics for Designers.  To this we will add Web design programmes and a few others to s spice up your life.  We will teach you how to read a brief from a client and how to interpret their requests visually.  We will teach you how to be a professional Graphic Designer, and no longer the one who filled their notebooks with doodles.

Not that doodles aren’t cool 😉

Register now for the Diploma in Media Practices at Boston Media House, specialising in Graphic Design, and create your destiny in the field of design.


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