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Which studying style do you follow?

Some of us learn by trial-and-error and some of us prefer to learn through reading.
Here are some of the different types of learners and the study tips that work for them…

Visual Learners

  • Learn by seeing
  • Understand words that evoke images
  • Respond well to demonstrations
  • Enjoy visually pleasing presentations

Kinesthetic Learners

  • Learn through doing and by trial-and-error
  • Prefer hand-on approaches
  • Use multiple senses to engage with material
  • Enjoy solving real-life problems

Read-write Learners

  • Learn by reading and writing
  • Best understand explanations on paper or screen
  • Organise thoughts and make lists
  • Translate lessons into words

Auditory Learners

  • Learn by listening & verbalising
  • Listen for keywords & phrases
  • Respond well when things are explained aloud
  • Think in a linear fashion

 Study Tips for Visual Learners

  • Use maps, charts, graphs and diagrams
  • Use videos and Powerpoint presentations
  • Make and use flash cards
  • Focus on titles when reading 
  • Highlight and underline when reading

Study Tips for Kinesthetic Learners

  • Make and use flash cards
  • Study with others & exchange ideas
  • Study in short blocks
  • Use examples when taking notes
  • Feel free to doodle while studying

Study Tips for Read-write Learners

  • Take notes… a lot and detail them
  • Reword the notes in different ways of saying the same thing
  • Create and use bulleted lists 
  • Translate diagrams or charts into a verbal or written summary
  • Write questions based on the material and answer them 

Study Tips for Auditory Learners

  • Record lessons and lectures to listen to at a later stage
  • Read material aloud
  • Record yourself reading notes and replay it later
  • Explain concepts aloud in your own words
  • Use word associations or mnemonic devices to help remember

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