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Thinking about media? Tips from a BMH media graduate

We all understand just how crucial it is to land the right media internship or first job after graduating. At Boston Media House, we aim to prepare students as much as we can about the different local media industries in South Africa.

Siphiwe Nhlapho was a Boston Media House student who majored in Television and Video Production. Siphiwe went to Sesani Studios for his experiential learning – 80 hours of practical work as part of the professional skills module provided in the third year of the diploma. Professional skills modules quite literally teach students all they need to know about being a professional in the workplace.

Professional skills also shows students how to go about applying for different jobs. You’re given the right tools to make your cv more appealing, as well as write motivational letters and professional emails to people in various departments.  Sometimes it’s better to physically go to the company, because when you send emails you may not receive any responses.
“I went there physically to apply for my experiential learning, if you’re really passionate you’ll go out there and make things happen by all means,” says Siphiwe.
Of course, we recommend staying safe and sanetised at all times during COVID-19.

Below are some of Siphiwe’s other tips for students…

  • Go there with the intention to learn, even in the departments you’re not really looking to go in after your studies
  • Network with people around you, it’s really important because people that you work with may be the people who end up giving you references for other jobs
  • Make sure you learn as much as possible about the field you’re looking to venture into
  • Try to learn a lot about how other departments within production function, for example, if you’re into editing; learn more about camera operating, directing, producing, and what goes into those departments
  • Networking is very important, try to form lasting connections with the people you meet
  • It’s okay to start from the bottom, even if it means making tea or coffee for a couple of people
  • There is no such thing as a stupid question, make sure you ask as many questions as possible, and if you don’t understand something make sure to ask for clarity
  • Time is very important in production –  do not waste it – time is money

You can always work as a freelancer in the television and film industry – be sure to carefully review your contract…
“There is a chance of me going back if I wanted to, as a freelancer or permanently,” says Siphiwe.


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