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How to heal through writing

Weekly Wellness…

Dealing with something difficult?

The mind works overtime in emotional distress, like the loss of a relationship. 

Have you tried writing about it?

Writing will help you make sense of the event and reduce stress.

Write for 15-20min a day,
4 days in a row

Write about your deepest thoughts and emotions! 

Write only for yourself

Deal only with events and situations you can handle now. 

Don’t worry about spelling or grammar

Don’t overdo it by writing about distressing events back to back.

Try putting the event into a story…

Or write about the event from someone else’s perspective. 

Writing may make you healthier

Sleep and the immune system will improve, along with your memory retention. 

You’ll be able to focus on other things

You may feel more connected relationships and be able to focus on work and schools.  

Writing isn’t just for introverts

Everyone can benefit from the power of writing about your emotions!

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