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Time Management: An Introduction

Truth is… now that you’re in college, you keep your own time.


Time management refers to a person’s ability to keep the different aspects of their life balanced. This includes having realistic expectations, learning to say ‘no’, and setting short-term and long-term goals.
Time management refers to a student’s ability to prioritise what is important, and letting go of things that aren’t critical.


It may sound simplistic and even cliché, but making a list of everything that needs to be done and keeping track of your work can have a remarkable impact on how you manage your time.

Step 1 Write it all down
List your tasks, update your list once a week, revert to your list daily

Step 2 Estimate the amount of time you need
Work out the amount of time you need for each task, have a safety margin of additional time just in case, finally divide the estimated time by the amount of time such as weeks you have to complete a task. JUST BE REALSITIC ABOUT TIME.

Step 3 Prioritise
Figure out your most important tasks and prioritise your tasks based on this importance.

A common time management mistake among students is that they waste a lot of time throughout the day, resulting in tasks and assignments being rushed through in the evenings or on weekends.

Common time-wasting traps:

  • Time between study sessions and during lunch breaks
  • Time between getting home and eating dinner
  • The ultimate bad habit… sleeping in late

If extended meals breaks are a reoccurring problem for you, you need to look at the rest of your day to ensure that you are getting enough breaks in. It’s important to plan a reasonable break for meals, e.g. 1hour lunch and 1.5 – 12 hours for dinner – even if you finish eating in 20 minutes, breaks are essential to helping you use your time effectively.

Try working for a few hours in the morning or early afternoon, and save social activities and easy tasks for the late afternoon and evening. Once you’ve put some solid time into your studies, you can enjoy your weekend down-time guilt free.


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