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Cooking On A Student Budget

Living on a student doesn’t necessarily mean survival on 2 Minute Noodles. Let us show you how…

1 Dinner Roster
If you’re in a commune set up, consider setting up a dinner timetable:

  • Get together and decide who cooks dinner every night of the week
  • Breakfast, lunch and weekends are “fend yourself”
  • Set a budget for meals and just make sure the portions are big enough

2 Food Specials
Look for meal specials at your local grocer such as Pick n Pay and deal nights at your favourite take-away spot such as Roman’s Pizza.

3 Cook & Freeze
If you have access to a freezer, consider cooking meals in bulk over the weekend and then freezing them. Bulk cooking also helps save money because of less wastage.

4 Convenience Costs
Great deals at your favourite takeaway place can be a great opportunity to save money and we all know it’s easier. However, don’t develop bad habits that disregard your health and don’t fuel your brain for collage work.

Google is definitely your friend when it comes to finding easy, cheap and cheerful recipes to make on a student budget. All you need to do is search keywords such as; healthy cheap recipes, college student recipes etc

Some great sites we know of:



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